Solid Earth Tides
Development of theoretical descriptions and numerical predictions for the response of a laterally heterogeneous Earth model to the tidal forcing. Comparison of these predictions with VLBI and GPS determined estimates of tidal displacements at a variety of tidal frequencies. Long term tidal dissipation in the solid Earth.

Glacial Isostatic Adjustement
Application of geophysical inverse theory to the inference of rheology based upon the available data set. Analysis of the rotational and gravitational signature of the adjustment. Glaciation-induced changes in the orbital elements of the Earth. GPS surveying in Scandinavia (and consequent data anlaysis) with the intent to measure and interpret present-day (post-glacial) crustal deformation rates in the region.

Plate Tectonics and Mantle Convection
Predictions of the surface topographic expression of the time-dependent features of the mantle convective circulation (e.g., transient subduction, mantle plumes). Application of the results to explain large scale tectonic features (e.g., platform subsidence). Long-term sea-level trends. The influence of variable thermal conductivity on thermal convection.

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